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As an authorized psychologist and clinical therapist since 2007, I receive a wide diversity of clients in my private clinic. Issues from private life as well as work matters may be the core of what we talk about.  

I am a trained trauma therapist, using the EMDR method for clients with shock/traumatic experiences and certain fobias, anxieties or dysfunctional memories.

Over the years I have an existentialistic and spiritual perspective into my therapeutic approach, and I include the natural surroundings of Naturcenter for Væredygtighed in the therapeutic setting.

Awareness of the body and it's signals is a central element in my therapeutic approach, and during sessions clients will receive guidance and relevant exercises to practise at home. Breathing exercises and meditation techniques are taught during normal therapy sessions but also in nature.



I have a contract with Region Midtjylland to receive clients with referrals from their doctor for psychological treatment. Actual waiting is regularly updated on The referral is for 12 sessions of each 45 minutes. Their is a fee, which will be charged at every session, and you need to present your health card (Sundhedskortet), either physically or electronically (I have a 2D scanner). 

During the first session we plan what a good process looks like and adjust this along the way, when needed.  

Referral for psychological treatment may be granted for the following reasons (maximum one year after the incident, except sexual abuseg in childhood):


  • robbery, assault and victims of rape
  • traffic and accidence victims
  • relatives to a mentally ill person
  • persons who experience life threatening or chronical illness
  • relatives to a person who experience life threatening or chronical illness
  • close relatives to a deseased person
  • persons who have attempted suicide
  • women who have had a provoked abortion after 12th week of pregnancy
  • persons who before turning 18 years have been victims of incest or other sexual abuse
  • persons who have a light to moderate depression and who at the time of referral are 18 years old or older
  • persons who suffer from light to moderate anxiety, herunder light to moderate OCD, and who at the time of referral are 18 years old or older

The government covers 60% of the psychologist's fee.

You are charged 420kr for the 1st session is and 350kr for each subsequent sessions. 

You can maximum be granted 12 sessions. However if I request so, your doctor may chose to grant another 12 sessions to persons with depression and anxiety, i.e. a maximum of 24 sessions in total. If you are between 18 and 24 years old (24th year included), your psychological treatment is free of charge (this agreement is valid until 31. december 2021). The number of sessions is the same as for persons aged 25 years and older.  


You may cancel your appointment free of charge until 16.00 hours the day prior to your session. 

If you cancel later than this or do not show up, you are charged the client's fee. This also goes for the free sessions for young people. Meaning; it costs 350kr (420kr for first session) to miss or make a late cancellation, also when the therapy in principle is free of charge.


Payment is possible by Mobilpay or cash in the clinic or bank transfer the day before the session. 



Individual sessions: 1.100kr / hour

Acute therapy: 1.600kr / hour

Couples therapy: 1.700 / 90 minutes​


If your therapy is covered by your insurance company or health insurance, you should forward relevant information by email prior to our first session.  ​


  • Individual therapy and counselling
  • Couples therapy
  • Debriefing
  • EMDR Shock/ trauma treatment
  • Existential counselling - about the big questions in life
  • Meditation & bodypsychotherapy
  • Nature based therapy
  • Corporate counselling
  • Coaching


  • Acute crises
  • Life crises

  • ​Traumas (acute / long)

  • Spirituality

  • Stress / Burnout
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Selfesteem / identity issues
  • Young people
  • Sexuality and relationship

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