What is our consulting concept?​

“Using nature for leadership consulting is not just an excuse to be outdoors. When you contextualize training, you remove barriers for growth.

And when you introduce growth in the context of Mother Nature, the foundation for a sustainable transfer of learning is limitless and

future training sessions are free of charge.”​


Over the past decade Aletha has been conducting a range of leadership training and consulting services - offshore and onshore - with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of people and corporations. She combines personality profiling with observations, interviewing and leadership / team assessment and analysis.

Amongst areas of expertise are Operational Leadership, Human Factors and Soulful Leadership. ​

With a background within Human Resources Aletha easily relates to organisational requirements and structures. She primarily now focuses on coaching and tailor making training programmes to leaders, combining Soulful Leadership training, team building and individual development.​


You are most likely an experienced and modern leader, and you have a solid operational and managerial experience. You feel comfortable about your leadership competencies in general, but sometimes you need a wing woman to talk things over with, or someone outside your management team to offer a new perspective to the team.

Maybe you have reached a point in your leadership career, where you find yourself repeating the same things over and over. Something is missing and you are looking for an extra layer, depth, and you wish to invest yourself in order to gain more insights. ​

When you enter into a contract with Aletha, you do not only contract a psychologist or a consultant, but a person and a wing woman, who will get under your skin and stick with you and your team, as long as you need her. But no longer than necessary.


We carry out a large proportion of the training and consulting at Helstrup Skovfogedgård and the beautiful nature surrounding the estate.

The purpose of using nature as context is to introduce a natural way to raise awareness levels in the individual and the management team. The higher your level of awareness, the larger probability that you will get closer to your inner authority as a leader.   

When we use nature as context for reflection, we are bombarded with material to analyze, which is not easily accessible in the workplace or in indoor environments.​

Just because we are in high performance positions, in which we need to produce great results, and a sense of urgency is as implicit as breathing, it does not mean that our personality’s unique facets should be forgotten. Let alone become secondary. They are, what makes us feel alive and happy. And nurturing these is fundamental to health - mental and physical. 

As a person and as a leader.”

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