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There are many things in your personality and your life that may lead to periods, where you feel mentally imbalanced. You participate in the group, exactly as the person you are, with the history you have. Therefore you may feel both challenged and supported by group therapy. There is no recipe for what you should derive from the participation, but the overall aim is to : 

- reduce suffering and symptoms of anxiety and depression
​- become conscious of how you can live your life, respecting the person you are  
​- set boundaries and create space for yourself  

- increase bodily awareness and give the brain a break  
​- teach and train tools to implement in your own life  

- build your natural resources with nature as support  

To ensure that the group therapeutic setting is the right thing for you, you and I will have an individual session at first. During this session I will ask you to complete some questionnaires in order to get a solid impression of how you are right now. Together we will evaluate if you need more individual sessions or group therapy in nature is the right thing for you.  


The same conditions apply regarding payment and cancellation as for individual therapy.  

3 groups to start up in September 2021

Each group is max. 9 people. Each session is of 2-2.5 hour duration.

We are primarily outdoors, and it is therefore good to be prepared with clothing for all sorts of weather and be okay that the clothes will get dirty, and that you will most likely smell of bonfire. 


Anxiety and depression groups:

Group 1) young people (18-24 years) with light to moderate anxiety or depression (free) 

Group 2) above 25 years with light to moderate anxiety or depression (own payment)

- The groups meet once a week for 8 weeks  

- You can participate in the group if you have a new referral (max. 1 month) from your doctor for light to moderate anxiety or depression  

The number of sessions the groups meet is 8, thus allowing for an inidividual screening session first, a mid-way individual session and finally 1-2 individual sessions in the end to wrap up. If you do not feel that the group is right for you, you are always welcome to continue with individual sessions.  

Group for all referral types:

​​​Group 3) people who have finished individual therapy sessions and perhaps feel that they have "talked enough". As participant in this group you are no longer in an acute phase, but still feel a need for support however of a more concrete and non-cognitive kind. You seek input and inspiration from nature therapy in order to implement new behavioural patterns.  


- The group meets every other week 

- You can participate in this group if you have an active referral, meaning a referral that has already been used but still with some sessions remaining.  

You cannot participate in the groups, if you have:  

  • ​an active alcohol or drug dependency
  • ​serious physical illness which makes your particpation in the activities risky  
  • a personality disorder / are heavily medicated  
  • reduced cognitive function

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