Who am I?​


​Aletha is a certified psychologist and experienced leadership consultant, running her own company, Driven by Nature®, since 2010. In 2021 the company expanded to include activities in Greenland and was renamed Audacious Pro Illuminating Midshipman.

As a clinical psychologist with a background from the shipping industry as well as within human resources, she combines an understanding of operational leadership requirements with human values. She now conducts leadership trainings and individual counselling at Naturcenter for Væredygtighed (Nature Center for Sustainable Human Living).


In latter years Aletha has introduced Soulful Leadership in her trainings with corporations and in individual training sessions, using nature as a framework for development. 

As per 1st July 2021 Aletha has entered into partnership with Region Midtjylland as an accredited psychologist receiving clients with referrals from their doctor. Group therapy in nature for people with stress and burnout, existential anxiety and mild depression as well as young people will be the focus of her group counselling activities.   

Aletha is regularly travels to Greenland, offering counselling and conducting research.

Helstrup Skovfogedgård​

Helstrup Skovfogedgård provides an optimal setting for personal development. Located in the middle of Frijsenborg Gods woods and with no immediate neighbours, you are guaranteed both beauty and tranquility as well as absolute discretion. Therapy and training is conducted inhouse and in nature.


Parking is on the opposite side of the road.


Danmarks Jægerforbund​ ​

Region Midtjylland​


End customers include Rockwool Nordic AS, Rockwool Technical Insulation AS, Maersk Drilling, Maersk Oil & Gas (now Total), BP, Oddfjell, Statoil, Faxe Kommune, Syddjurs Kommune, Business Faxe, Business Næstved, a.o.​

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