How we use nature​

for balance & resilience

We train you to connect with nature; your own nature and wildlife’s. By performing concrete tasks and applying specific skills, which we teach you, you train how to silence your cognitive brain and balance your energy. The courses are beneficial for people with anxiety, mild depression, stress and burnout. They are not therapy, but contribute to personal development and can be used as a tool for balance and building resilience.       

We tap into natural resources by bringing the learning process into nature. Meditation and breathing exercises, which make you connect well with nature, are trained outdoors. We also train bowhunter movements in order to use the body as a tool to focus attention and minimize the noise that often comes from within. We train these in real life (but without the bow).  

There is a mix of individual and group tasks, all designed to explore yourself personally, spiritually and physically.

During the course you gain access to resources within yourself that may have been subconscious or dormant till now. It is a journey, however short or long you chose it to be, which may change your perspectives on yourself and on life.

The courses are conducted at Helstrup Skovfogedgård and are typically on weekdays and of a full day's duration. 

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The courses are relevant for companies or Kommuner who wish to reduce the prevalence of anxiety, stress and burn-out in their people. It is for organisations who proactively seek to boost their employees' or citizens resilience and sense of mastery in life.   ​

Private companies can establish an open and ongoing group. The purpose would be dual: preventive (identify at-risk-personnel) and rebalancing (support function when returning to work after a sick leave). 

If you are on sick leave or in process with your local Jobcenter / kommune you may try to contact them in order to establish if they have an open group, in which you could participate. 

We are closely associated with Danmarks Jægerforbund, who runs nature courses called "Vær i Livet" in cooperation with Syddjurs Kommune.

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