What is soulful leadership?​

“Soulful leadership is the practice of detecting, taking responsibility for and adequately responding to the formal and informal opportunities, that are granted a person to contribute by leading, inspiring and developing himself and others towards higher levels of awareness.”​

when awareness becomes authority

Every leader and every management team is unique, and there is not one leadership philosophy that will answer all questions nor guide all leaders. As you maneuver about in your career you will adopt many tools that guide you well. Training to be a soulful leader does not imply that you will have to abandon these tools, but it may very well change the perspective from which you view your role.

Soulful leadership is about developing your inner authority as a leader through raising awareness levels - in yourself and in others. 

is it for you?

You are most likely an experienced and modern leader, and you may have found yourself in numerous leadership trainings repeating the same things. Something is missing. You are looking for an extra layer, depth, and you wish to invest yourself in order to gain more insights.  ​


Soulful leadership has certain philosophical implications, that will affect your leadership style and choices:

​​Life’s assignment is realizing your own potential. This implies performing the unique task assigned to each and every one of us. Should you - out of anxiety or a wish for comfort - steer clear of this, you are truly disowning yourself. 

People have a path in life and a free will – and the two do not always cooperate harmonically. As a soulful leader you assist people in finding and pursuing their path.

To be a leader you need first to be selfish, find and follow your own path in life. If you see it within your path to help people find and follow their path, then you need to place yourself in a position where you – formally or informally – are capable of contributing. Take responsibility for finding that position.

You will perform a dual development task: for them first, with a reward for you.

In the process you will learn to let go of your ego as well as your desire to control situations and the future.

“Being a soulful leader you apply a different kind of awareness … you begin speaking a different kind of language … allowing you to access different dimensions of yourself and others.”

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